Wang Qiang and Maria Graeffnings are the Vasaloppet China champions of 2019!

Traditional blue skies for the 17th edition of the biggest cross-country ski event in China, but the cold wind made conditions more treacherous than previously expected for the 50k classic-style ski marathon, which also opened the 2019 FIS WorldLoppet Cup. The race favourites stayed together for basically the whole race, a few attempts notwithstanding, such as by Frenchman Benoit Chavet. As the skiers went into the final kilometre, 13 of them were still together to contest the sprint for the victory!

Brilliant win by Wang Qiang as Chernousova takes women’s sprint

Chinese Wang Qiang scored a tactically brilliant win today with an obvious advantage on Changbaishan Luneng Resort, the first stage of 2019 Tour de Ski China.

The 25-year-old Chinese attacked early, got reeled in, but still had enough juice in the legs to win the sprint to the line. In the past few years, he had never won a stage. Today, he rode away his frustration. In women’s competition, Russian Marina Chernousova surprisingly won the race.

2019 China Tour de Ski: Sprint King or Marathon Man?

New Year in China for many years means international skiing at a high level and it won’t be any different in 2019 when the China Tour de Ski opens with a great ski sprint in Changbai Mountain on the first of January. Changes within the Board of the national Chinese Ski Association have resulted in a smaller-than-usual tour this season, but the highlight remains Vasaloppet China in Changchun’s Jingyuetan Park and this for the 17th edition already. The classic-style ski marathon is now also part of the World Loppet Series on 4 January.

Peterson and Oeberg win Summer Ski!

The 2018 Summer Ski Sprint started today on the slopes of Phoenix ski resort in Yakeshi, Inner Mongolia with a fast ski sprint. Swedish skier Jennie Oeberg has firmly established herself as the queen of the Summer ski sprint in Yakeshi today. On the other hand, the Olympic gold medal winners Nikita Kriukov failed to do the same in the men's. He got eliminated in the semis and Swedish Teodor Peterson took top honours.

Great List of Ski Stars for Summer Ski

After a hiatus of a few years, Nordic Ways is proud to announce the return of the Summer Ski Festival in Yakeshi, close to Hailar in Inner Mongolia. The event features a long list of world class skiers from several countries including some of China’s own elite. Date of the summer ski clash: 23 June.

FIS Summer Ski Sprint is Back to Yakeshi!

Nordic Ways is very happy to announce that the FIS Summer Ski Sprint will be back with a competition in Yakeshi in Inner Mongolia on June 23rd. The race is a high-level cross-country skiing race certified by International Ski Federation (FIS). The race is jointly organized by Chinese Ski Association, Yakeshi Municipal Government and Nordic Ways. Olympic champions, top international skiers listed in the FIS ranking and members of the Chinese national team are scheduled to take part in the Yakeshi Summer Ski.

Persson and Lockner win China Tour de Ski!

The 2018 edition of China Tour de Ski in the end went as expected to pre-race favourites Simon Persson and Jacqueline Lockner. The two Swedish skiers did not allow themselves to be upset by their main competitors on the final ski sprint in Yanqing.

Lockner and Andresen fastest in Yan’an

Swedish skier Jacqueline Lockner has firmly established herself as the queen of the ski sprints in this year's China Tour de Ski as she again beat the field in Yan'an today. On the other hand, Simon Persson failed to do the same in the men's. He got eliminated in the semis and Norwegian Ragnar Andresen took top honours.

Chinese and Russian winners at Vasaloppet China

China's Tang Jinle won an exciting sprint finish in the men's Vasaloppet China classic style ski marathon, the third stage of the 2018 China Tour de Ski. Best woman was Russia's Marina Chernousova.

Persson and Lockner open the score!

The 2018 China Tour de Ski started today on the slopes of Changbai Shan in Jilin Province with a fast ski sprint. Swedish skiers topped the sheets with pre-race favourites Simon Persson and Jacqueline Lockner taking top honours.

Hjelstuen and Li Xin win again

The Xiwuqi Ski Sprint, fifth stage in China Tour de Ski this year, had a rather predictable outcome this morning with Norway's Haakon Hjelstuen and China's Li Xin winning the final. Hjelstuen is almost sure of winning this year's China Tour de Ski.