Introduction of Aershan and Yakeshi

Yakeshi (Chinese: 牙克石; Pinyin: Yákèshí) is a county-level city in Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia, China.It has a population of 391,627。It is situated next to the Hailar River and on the north side of the Greater Khingan Range. The city’s economy is based on forestry industry, traditional Chinese medicines, gold, coal, iron, copper,farming and dairy industries. The city is connected by railway to Harbin and Hailar.

Yakeshi has held an Ice,Snow and Tourism festival for the past five years. In november 2008, foreign and chinese skiers were invited to a ski tournament with both cross country and downhill skiing disciplines in connection to the festival.In June of 2018, the summer ski sprint which is a high-level cross-country skiing race certified by International Ski Federation (FIS) is back to Yakeshi again!

Aershan is known as a skiing and Hot Spring resort. Traditionally, the major industry for the town is forestry. In Aerhan National Forest Park, there is a crater lake or sky pond (formed by a volcanic eruption) At 1322m above sea level this is the third highest Heavenly Lake (“Tianchi” in Chinese) in China.




Aershan Railway Station might be the best preserved old railway station in China. It was built by the Japanese in 1937 and has not been altered or rebuilt since.