Double 2006 Torino Olympic Champ Goes For China

1st Time Indoor XC Skiing In Beijing

During June18 th-24th, Nordic Ways will host 15 professional cross country (XC) skiers from Europe to take part in the 4th China Summer Ski Tour. They will compete against the best skiers from China National Team. This year edition includes one competition in Yakeshi, Inner Mongolia, June 21st and another one display competition in Qiaobo Ice & Snow World, June 23rd, an indoor, down hill ski arena, in Beijing.

China Success at the first visit of Peterson and Hansson

Swedish Teodor Peterson and Jenny Hansson, both visiting China for the first time, became winners in the fourth edition of the Chinese Summer Ski Tour, that began today just outside the city Yakeshi in the province of Inner Mongolia. Race day got sun shine from a clear blue sky and very fair conditions as on the stored snow of about 15 000 m3.

Ladies winner, Jenny Hansson said in the afternoon; "It was really good conditions with very fine snow. Unbelievably cool to

Great success for indoor XC Ski Sprint in Beijing

Swedish-Norwegian alliance triumphed

The last part of the China Summer Ski Tour was held today,with a Team Sprint where the European participants,which were divided into teams, consisting of a lady and a gentleman. The contest was a display competition which can popularize this sport event to the media and potential sponsors. The sport channel of China Central Television, CCTV-5, was there and will broadcast about the contest as soon as the World Cup is done. All the matches from South Africa are broadcasted to the huge audience since soccer is very