Tour De Ski China 2010 – 2011 Stage 4 Report

--- The 9th Vasaloppet China 2011, January 2nd, 2011

The first three places of female 16.7km have all been taken by three skiers from Russia -- Бурлакова Е.В. the champion, Филиппова О.С. and Спасская К.О. are the 2nd and 3rd places. For Male part, the Swedish skier, Lewandowski Daniel has been the 1st place, with Панченко П.В., Доровский М.В. taking the 2nd and 3rd 

Tour De Ski China 2010 – 2011 Stage 3 Report

  ---Bird’s Nest, Beijing, China, December 30th, 2010

Xu Wenlong – the Champion of Men’s 1.2 km Sprint Final
Chinese skier Xu Wenlong still keeps moving forward from 3rd in stage 2 to 1st in stage 3, though he has a really tough time in qualification and ranked in 10th. Edin Johan from Sweden got 1st in qualification and retreated to 2nd in final. However, the Olympic Champion, Bjoern Lind, keeps languishing in 8th place again in 

Tour De Ski China 2010 – 2011 Stage 2 Report

---XiWuQi, Inner Mongolia, China, December 29th, 2010

Swedish male skiers had a really lucky day for the Tour de Ski China 2010-2011 Stage 2, which was held today in XiWuQi. In morning qualification, Johan Edin was faster than Finish Kusti Kittilae and 2006 Olympic Champion Bjorn Lind at the top. But for his quarter final, Edin had at really tough finish with Hoegberg, SWE on 

Tour De Ski China 2010 – 2011 Stage 1, Xiwuqi, Inner Mongolia Finishes

Today is the first stage of the 4th Tour De Ski China, Dec. 28th, 2010. There have been around 80 professional skiers from over 10 countries taking part in. The top 2 Man’s 5.4km skiers are both from Sweden and Chinese skiers have taken the Women’s 3.6km first 5 places. 

 It’s pretty a crucial day for all skiers with the temperature of -19.3℃ in Xiwuqi, Inner Mongolia. The whole race begins at 15:00. For Man’s 5.4km, Jonhansson Adam and Hoegberg Anders, both from Sweden, are almost keeping the same pace for the whole event. Hoegberg was beaten by Jonhansson only with the gap of 1.08 in