Summer Ski


Name Nation karl Emil Jönsson SWE Anna margret Haag SWE Teodor anders Peterson SWE Nikita Kryukov RUS Aleksei Petukhov RUS Aleksandr Panzhinskii RUS Kusti heikki Kittilä FIN Mattia Armellini ITA Lisa kristina Svensson SWE Pal Troan Aune NOR Hilde Eide…

Introduction of Aershan and Yakeshi

Yakeshi (Chinese: 牙克石; Pinyin: Yákèshí) is a county-level city in Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia, China.It has a population of 391,627。It is situated next to the Hailar River and on the north side of the Greater Khingan Range. The city’s economy is…

FIS Summer Ski Sprint Program 2018

FIS SUMMER SKI SPRINT 2018 Competition: Women/Men Ski Sprint 1.4km, Free Style Date: 23rd of Jun, 2018, Saturday Venue: Phoenix mountain ski resort, Yakeshi city, Inner Mongolia   22nd of June, 2018, Friday 07:00-09:00 breakfast at hotel 11:30-14:00 lunch at…

Prize Money – FIS Summer Ski Sprint 2018

2018 FIS Summer Ski Sprint Prize Money Info 1st Place Women RMB 10000 1st Place Men RMB 10000 2nd Place Women RMB 6000 2nd Place Men RMB 6000 3rd Place Women RMB 4000 3rd Place Men RMB 4000 4th Place…

Result of 2008 Summer ski

Result: Friday Men’s result Women’s result   Saturday Men’s result Women’s result Total results Men Women

Result of 2009 Summer ski

Result: Ski Sprint Free Qualification Result Aershan Ski Sprint Free Final Result Aershan Ski Sprint Free Qualification Result Yakeshi Ski Sprint Free Final Result Yakeshi   Winners Total Cup First Name Last Name Nation Points Anders Högberg SWE 145 Lasse…

Result of 2010 Summer ski

Result: Ski Sprint Men Qualification Result Yakeshi Ski Sprint Men Final Result Yakeshi Ski Sprint Women Qualification Result Yakeshi Ski Sprint Women Final Result Yakeshi  

Result of 2018 Summer ski

Result: Men Qualification-official results Women Qualification-official results MEN SPRINT FINAL WOMEN SPRINT FINAL