Skiers tested the running tracks for Lidingoloppet China!


It is only 3 weeks until the first ever Lidingoloppet in China. A cross country running event that will be combined with amusing celebrations of the Swedish Midsummer festival on June 21st.

The skiers from Europe and some other countries, that are here in China for the summer Ski Sprint in Changbai Mountain, stopped

Fredrik about his career, China, and Summer Ski Sprint!

Fredrik Persson 29, is a ski profile in Sweden, he is also starting to create a name in China after his victory in Vasaloppet China earlier this year. Now he is back in China to attend Summer Ski Sprint in Changbai Mountain for the second time.

To get some honest, third party statements about Fredrik’s skiing abilities, we asked his friend and team-mate Gustav Berglund to describe Fredrik as a skier, here is the answer “He is a very stubborn skier, never gives up when he has a scent of gold. He is

Face to face with Hilde G. Pedersen

Hilde is 43 years old and has a long career as a skier to look back to. However, she is not only looking back she is still active even though not as focused as she was a few years ago. But she did take an Olympic bronze medal as late as 2 years ago in Turino.

Hilde arrived in Beijing together with her family and the other European skiers on Saturday, and has since then been running on the great wall and on the streets of Beijing, visited the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, and spent hours at the markets