Lukas leaves Adam Johansson's shadow


The third stage of this year's China Tour de Ski in Inner Mongolia's Xiwuqi Ski Arena went surprisingly to Lukas Johansson, the younger brother of two-time champion Adam Johansson. Lukas managed to stay just ahead of Anders Hoegberg in the 5km medium distance race, while the latter grabs the lead in the overall classification. Astrid Bruland on the other hand grabbed her second stage win and is firmly in charge of the women's competition.

Full Results 3rd stage: Distance race

Men 5.7km

Women 3.8km

Lukas Johansson stays clear of overall leader Anders Hoegberg in Xiwuqi's distance race today

There's currently little to do against Astrid Bruland in the women's race. Chen Shuang is second

Lukas Johansson