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Summer Ski Sprint Program 2013

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Event Name:
2013 Yakeshi Summer Ski Sprint

International Ski Federation,
Chinese Ski Association

Hulunbei’er Municipal Government
Yakeshi Municipal Government
Nordic Ways
Yakeshi Bureau of Culture, Sports and TV-broadcasting

Event Schedule

 17th of June, 2013

Skiers arrive in Yakeshi

18th of June, 2013

07:00-08:30 breakfast at hotel

11:30-13:30 lunch at hotel

16:40 bus departure from hotel to government banquet

18:00 government welcome banquet dinner

19th of June, 2013

07:00-08:00 breakfast at hotel

08:20 bus departure to the ski arena

09:30 opening ceremony (all the skiers must attend)

10:00 women qualification

10:15 men qualification

10:30 women 1/4 finals

10:50 men 1/4 finals

11:10 women 1/2 finals

11:20 men 1/2 finals

11:30 women finals

11:35 men finals

11:50 victory ceremony for women top 4

12:00 victory ceremony for men top 4

12:20 bus departure from ski arena to hotel

13:00-14:30 lunch at hotel

18:30 dinner at hotel

20th of June, 2013

06:30-07:40 breakfast at hotel

08:00 bus departure from hotel to the airport

10:40-12:50 Flight MU2892 from Haila’r to Beijing Airport